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Associated Compiler Experts bv (ACE) are the developers of the CoSy compiler development system, which is the company’s core technology. The ACE Group, of which the compiler technology company is a part, has been based in Amsterdam since 1975. The ACE Group is independent, employee-owned and specialises in advanced system- software development products and services.
CoSy is the highly flexible, easy-targetable compiler development system, which has been successfully deployed by over 40 customers and partners world-wide, creating high-quality, high-performance compilers for a broad spectrum of DSP-, NPU -, RISC-, VLIW- and 8/16-bit microcontroller and multi-core architectures. Making extensive use of generators and a generic intermediate representation (IR), the CoSy environment allows construction of production-quality performance compilers in a highly efficient manner, reducing time-to-market, time- to-performance and development and maintenance costs. CoSy’s configurability and retargetability make it a particularly effective environment for architectural exploration and HW/SW co-design.

ACE has a track record of producing and delivering technology to the community as a result of European projects having managed and participated in several successful consortiums including several ESPRIT projects and has a track record of innovation in operating systems, parallel systems, compiler technology and embedded systems. More recently ACE participated in SMECY (Smart multicore embedded systems), TSAR (Tera-Scale Multi-core Processor Architecture), MORPHEUS (Multi-purpose Dynamically Reconfigurable Platform for Intensive Heterogeneous Processing), HEAP (A Highly Efficient Adaptive multi-Processor framework), ASAM (Automatic Architecture Synthesis and Application Mapping), REFLECT (Rendering FPGAs to Multi-Core Embedded Computing) and Flextiles (Self Adaptive heterogeneous manycore based on Flexible Tiles).