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IBM Research – Zurich: IBM Research GmbH, (IBM Research -Zurich), with approximately 300 employees, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the IBM Research division with headquarters at the T.J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, NY, USA. IBM Research – Zurich, which was established in 1956, represents the European branch of IBM Research. At the lab, scientific and industrial research is conducted in five scientific and technical departments: Science and Technology, Systems, Storage, Computer Science, and Mathematics & Computational Sciences. Main research topics are analytics & business optimization, nanotechnology, supercomputing, advanced server technology, RAID systems & tape storage, and security and privacy. IBM Research – Zurich is involved in more than 80 joint projects with universities throughout Europe, in research programs established by the European Union and the Swiss government, and in co-operation agreements with research institutes of industrial partners.

The primary role of IBM Research in NanoStreams will be to develop, profile and evaluate application use cases of real-time data analytics. These use cases arise from the financial, business intelligence and healthcare sectors. IBM will also investigate algorithms for real-time analytics on large social graphs, focusing on parallelisation strategies and in-memory graph storage layouts. IBM will finally conduct comparisons between the NanoStreams AoC micro-server and experimental IBM micro-servers.