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Analytics Engines is headquartered in Belfast, N.Ireland (UK). The company was spun out in 2008 from the world leading ECIT Institute (UK) to commercialise output from a multi-year advanced research programme. The highly successful initiative resulted in core hardware acceleration technology for ultra-high performance hybrid processors (FPGA, GPU, CPU). Based on a sound understanding of accelerated high performance system design we bring a step change in performance and a level of business benefits previously unattainable in customer applications. Analytics Engines will play a key role in the work on Hybrid Computing (Accelerated data processing and high performance analytics) in the consortium, in particular:

  • Hardware acceleration on dedicated FPGA co-processors of computationally intensive operations, delivering a level of performance above that of traditional high performance computing. Increased compute density (Tflop/s per Meter2).
  • Novel processing techniques for real time business data analytics developed in the embedded systems domain and applied to HPC. Algorithmics for parallel processing.
  • Domain specific SIMD processors built on the fast dedicated resources of FPGA compute fabric with memory architecture optimisation. Application specific instruction set processors.
  • Significantly improved processing efficiency from both a cost (performance per Euro), and power (performance per Watt). Tflop/s per Euro per Watt per Meter2.